Babymoon Travel Essentials (My Top Ten)

by - July 09, 2015

Hi there!  Last April, my husband and I went on a trip to Phuket Thailand for our Babymoon.  And for that I just want to share with you my Top Ten Travel Essentials for Pregnant women.

(This is in no particular order)

1. A Pillow or Contour Pillow - this for me is a life savior.  We there you're traveling by plane or by other means, you must have it.  And even if the hotels we booked have or can provide extra pillows, it's still good to bring your own pillow the one that you're already comfortable of using.  I've been having back pains even before this trip and I really needed something to support my back during the flight and also when sleeping at night. I have a pregnancy pillow at home but it's too big to bring it with us.

2. Flat Shoes or Sandals - I wish I can wear high heels like Kim Kardashian while I travelled but that's is just a dream.  While pregnant and traveling, you must wear flat shoes or sandals and make sure it's soft and comfortable.  You don't want to put more tension on your legs and it's also safe to be in flats.  On the plane, it was really easy for me to take them off and put my socks on for much more comfortability.

3. Light Weight Handbag - it's really true that you must not lift anything heavy while traveling.  And if your handbag is heavy like those leather made ones it adds up to the weight.  When I travelled, I used my Michael Kors Medium Tote bag as my carry on.  It's so light and I can put a lot of stuff inside.  I also used it's rest my feet on the plane.

4. Water & Water Bottle - Us pregnant women it is important that we stay hydrated.  Wether you're going to a tropical destination or col wether place.

5. Healthy Snacks - We always have to eat the same as we need to keep hydrated.  Pack some fruits like banana, apple those that are easy to carry on you bag.  For me, as i have normal pregnancy (sugar and bp is normal) during our babymoon i have rice krispies, oat cookies and banana in my tote.

6. Hand Sanitizers - You're not sure of how much you are exposed to germs wether you're in the plane or just outside so this is essential to have it all the time.

7. Small Hand Towel - If you're going to a place that is humid and hot, this is very essential.  In Phuket, it was so humid and good thing that I brought some with me.  I had to use some of the hotels hand towels whenever we go outside but when we landed, i was glad i have it on my carry on tote.

8. Hat & Foldable Umbrella - With the weather we experienced in Phuket, these are so essential.  I have a small foldable umbrella that i always bring with me whenever we travel and i borrowed my husband hat.

9. Shawl / Sarong / Cover-up - This was so essential for me most especially when we are in the plane.  I am not comfortable with my bra on whenever I'm traveling or sleeping so i always removed them.  And with a shawl, i can still be covered.  When we are in Phuket, it was so hot that I always wear bikini top and just use the sarong to cover my belly whenever we're going out during the day.  If you do no have #8 then this can be an alternative.

10. Copy of Medical Records & Doctor's Note / Certificate - Some airlines will ask you for these documents and it is best advice you carry copies of it in your hand carry.  And also in case of an emergency, it is better you have these documents for reference.

There you have my ten travel essentials for us pregnant women.  My advice is to plan your babymoon ahead of time and make sure you ask your doctor for his/her advice for when is best for you to travel.

Good luck and have a wonderful day! 

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